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President and Commander-in-Chief of the U.S: The Honorable Mr. Barack Obama
Vice President of the U.S: The Honorable Mr. Joe Biden
Secretary of State: The Honorable Mrs. Hillary Clinton
Secretary of Defense (SECDEF): The Honorable Mr. Leon E. Panetta
Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV): The Honorable Mr. Ray Mabus
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: General Martin Dempsey
Chief of Naval Operations (CNO): Admiral Jonathan Greenert, USN
Commander, Naval Education and Training (CNET): Rear Admiral Donald Quinn, USN
Commander, Naval Service Training Command: Rear Admiral David Steindl, USN

Head of the NJROTC Program: Dr. J. D. Smith
NJROTC Area Manager, AREA FIVE: Captain Gumpright
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy: MCPON Rick West
Commandant of the Marine Corps: General James Amos
Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps: Sergeant Major Michael P. Barrett


Senior Naval Science Instructor: Commander Curtis Brown
Naval Science Instructor: First Sergeant Felix Robles, Jr.

Commanding Officer: Cadet LT Brittney Hensley
Executive Officer: Cadet LTJG Tyler Dilgard
Operations Officer: Cadet ENS Zachary Drenkhahn
Command Senior Chief: Cadet CPO Jonathan Jackson
Administrative Officer: Cadet ENS Terrence Key
Weapons Officer: Cadet ENS Ryan Skelton
Supply Officer: Cadet ENS Deandre Holley
First Lieutenant: Cadet CPO Natalie Carr
Webmaster: Cadet PO1 Mitchell Brown


Academic Team Commander: Cadet PO3 Joshua Villalobos
Athletic Team Commander: Cadet ENS Isaac Smalls
Armed Standard Platoon Commander: Cadet CPO Mariah Lee
Unarmed Standard Platoon Commander: Cadet CPO Cody Lokun
Armed Exhibition Platoon Commander: Cadet CPO Mariah Lee
Unarmed Exhibition Platoon Commander: Cadet CPO Cody Lokun
Color Guard Commander: Cadet ENS Zach Drenkahn
Rifle Team Commander: Cadet CPO Ryan Graham
Orienteering Team Commander: Cadet

Green Run HS NJROTC - Virginia Beach, VA 23452